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From NEPAL – The land of High Mountains, I have high ambitions and goals for myself as well as for the nation. The plan is not just to focus on my personal growth but also try to make an impact for my country. I believe in opportunities and what better pace than a developing country like NEPAL for finding and grabbing opportunities. In this website I will be sharing information, tricks and tips on mainly 4 areas:  Here’s more about me. Click here.

My Priorities

Ideas and information on these areas 
online marketing
Digital Marketing
Gym - workout
Working Out
learn with fun
Time and money

Importance of Learning in Life

learn with fun

Everyday is a new opportunity. A good economy is an opportunity, a period of economic crisis But specially, a developing country’s market is the perfect opportunity.

In short, there are opportunities everywhere. If we learn enough we can make the best out of these opportunities.

The only thing that helps us capitalize these opportunity is learning. Learning is the most important thing in our life if we seek improvement and development.

Lets’s Believe in ourselves

The first thing I believe is in myself, which I guess we all do. The other thing that I believe is in small but consistent efforts. With a small but consistent effort we can bring out the best output in the long term game.

As a matter of fact, it is not only a belief anymore for me as I’ve seen the results as well. Results in terms of my Financial growth with Compound Interest and my physique with proper workout and diets.


Believe in yourself

My Involvement in an Impact Project

My first ever involvement in an impact project was the COVID-19 Response system. The system was developed and introduced by SmartPalika with Cellapp and powered by Rakshya. This is a full fledged system with Quarantine management, Live Tracking, Contact Tracing, Relief Management, Volunteer management and lots of other features integrated.

I feel really honored and happy to be a part of such an impactful project. This system was made free for all the Local Government of our country and more than 100 of 753 Local Government used it in their area. My part in the project was Digital Outreach, Management of internal team communication and legal contracts between the company and Local Governments. 

For more details on the COVID Response system you can click here. 

Covid response system

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