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Search Engine Marketing- Do it Right

One of the most effective ways ways to grow your business online in an completely competitive market is by Search Engine Marketing. We might know about SEO but also might be unclear about SEM. So what exactly is SEM? And how does it differ with SEO? Also how to do it Right? Well, you will know them all by the end.

What is SEM?

Basically, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of Digital Marketing that involves the promotion and marketing of websites by increasing it’s visibility in search engine results pages. It is done through paid advertising. It is a paid tactic for getting needed viewers in the website. Here are some benefits of SEM:

  • Better Reach of the content
  • Better Lead Generation (If used with proper keywords)
  • Increased traffic to the website
  • Pay only per action (Pay only if someone clicks your ads)

Moreover, there are many tools available in the market for giving ads to get in the search results across many search engines. Some of them being Google Adwords, SEMrush and many more.


We can rank our websites by SEO without paying then why do we need SEM? Well, these two have their own benefits and own specialty. Here are some of the differences between them:

It is an organic way of ranking your contents in the search engine (Pay Nothing)It is a paid way of ranking your contents in the search engine (Pay Per Click)
It has a long lasting effectIt has an immediate effect
This improves brand loyalty and trustThis improves leads and sales
Click through rate is higherClick through rate is lower

How to do SEM right?

Now the question may rise about how to do a proper Search engine Marketing? Here are some steps you need to take to perform a proper SEM:

  • Research your target audience
  • Use your targeting options (Set your target audience)
  • Follow the best practices
  • Run a ad for your experience (Try tests and keep changing plans. Also track results)
  • Utilize ads extensions (Have you seen some extended information of a business i.e contact details, other linked pages etc? Well that is ad extensions)
  • Create a proper landing page (If you do not have a proper landing page then your ad is wasted because user will bounce off fro it)

So, that was a basic of what SEM is really about and how does it differ from SEO. Also we’ve known how to do it the right way. So its upto you now. Choose your tool and get started with your first ad. There may be a less chance of success at your first try. Never stop and keep changing your strategies. One day the search engine results are all yours. Goodluck!

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