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Positives from this Lock-down | A Productive Period

It’s us who make a better society. We are all part of it. Now is the time for us to give something back when our society needs us.

Today is the 46th day of lock-down in Nepal. Who would have ever thought about this situation? We’ve all faced the disaster and had one of our most difficult times. Also we’re witnessing the economy crumble.

However, I guess there are some positives which we can pick out. The general facts such as being safe from the virus, a positive change in the climate condition and many more are there. But I would like to focus here about personal development and capitalizing the crisis for productivity. (Productivity here means providing something to the society from our side as a part of CSR)

Let’s get started with Personal Development

There was a busy time in our life where we wished we had more time so that we could focus on our growth. Well, we’ve got one. But did we fully utilize it? Maybe yes for some and no for many. I was also the part of that ‘many‘ category for the first few days. Thereafter, with sessions and guidance from my mentor, I’d realized that being a Digital Marketer this is the time where I can learn best and know about the market psychology even better. Well, I’ve worked on it and seen the changes. That was from a personal experience but the opportunity for growth in this time is for everybody willing to learn and grow.

How were we productive in this Lockdown?

There is no hindrance for anyone who’s got the will to work hard. And for a team that’s got the same desire, “Productivity is inevitable“. This lockdown where the economy has crumbled and businesses have fallen, we’ve managed to increase the level of our productivity. The crisis came unexpected but we’ve worked since day 1 for providing as much as we can to help fight this situation.

  • We’ve developed our own Team Collab app – Collaboration tool for Smart Teams and provided it for free to more than 50 companies and are still giving it away for free to anyone who needs and inquires for it.
  • We’ve also developed a full fledged COVID-19 Response System with features such as Quarantine Management, Live Tracking Contact Tracing, Relief Management, Volunteer Management and many more. The system is also announced free for all the Local Government Bodies of Nepal. It is already in use for 80+ Local Governments including 3 Metro Cities and the work still goes on. ( A Timeline of our Project: HERE)

What to conclude from this?

To sum up, there’s no stopping the willingness to do or the desire to learn and grow. We’ve got a crisis situation here and as a part of the society it is our responsibility to give something back at such time. Such belief and work done upon it will only lead to positives and productive society. By being productive I mean to give back to the society as a part of our CSR. This lockdown is indeed a difficult time for all of us but the choice on how to face it and what to do in this period depends all upon us. There are many choices but I guess what matters the most at the end will be how much did we bring out of ourselves during this time.

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