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Physical Fitness / Working Out

Why Working Out?

Let’s start with this question. So, why are you working out? Answer this to yourself before reading further. This is because there is no benefit if you do not have the proper motivation for working out. 

Many of us in our life once have tried to work out but never succeeded. Reason: “Motivation”

So, we’ve all basically got what I’m trying to say here. This is basically a Give and Take situation.

  • Time (working, eating and sleeping)
  • Dedication

These are the things you give and take back the positive results in the long term.

give and take

The Basics

After getting to know about Motivation let’s get started with some of the basics of working out. The basic thing before starting to work out is to set a goal and keep tracking of it while you work out. Goals such as Body building, loosing fat, building strength etc should be defined.

So, different the goals different your way of working. But let me first clear out some of the misconception of people about their goals :

  • There’s a difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • There’s a difference between body building and power lifting
  • There’s a difference between just training and diet with training
(Detailed information on these differences here.)

You are what you eat

The most important part of your work out is your Diet. We all know the fact that we are what we eat. If you’re confused lets take an example: If we eat more rice we get fat, if we eat 5 almonds a day we get sharp and so on.

So, whatever the goal is, your most important player is your diet. Without a proper diet plan even if you give 100% at working out the count will just be 30%. 

For any goal you just need to measure your macro-nutrients (fat, carbohydrate and protein) level. Check your needed percentage of these with respect to your goals and keep it maintained.

Therefore, we need to eat right to reach our goal. For more on Diet plans you can click here.

For more fitness related information check out my blog section on fitness here.

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