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We all know about Learning, don’t we? It means to acquire some knowledge through study, experience, or being taught. We’ve all went to educational institutes, we’ve all learned many things through many sources.

Then what could be the point reading further? 

Well, reading further you could learn something more about learning. Let’s get this straight – Here I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge and experiences that might help.

The first thing that comes in mind of most of the people when I say learning is Books.
Is it just books?

Well, to get it straight learning is not just about books. We can learn through different ways. Some of them are:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Read/Write 
  • Experience

There may be more but these are some of the effective ways of learning. Audio podcasts such as Google podcast gives you many topics and interesting says from the top people all over the world for free. 

Video learning through YouTube channels, udemy course and other sources are the ones who have saved us all at exams. Read/Write we all are familiar about it and experience is the best way of learning which we rarely forget.



What matters the most

The thing that matters the most whatever the way of learning that suits us is our understanding. We’ve all heard the phrase “Half knowledge is Dangerous”. It really is. Whatever learning ways we choose, but without full understanding it is always dangerous.

The way of learning

There is always a proper way of doing anything. There may be many. But what I urge you all to do is “Perspective different from things see to learn”. Got this the first time? If not read this backwards and you shall know what I am trying to say. We need to see things, learn things from different point of view. For a short example you can click here.

Also I will be posting blogs related to learning time to time. For reading the existing ones click here.

Vision - eye

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