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Digital Marketing – Intro, Components, Types and Purpose

What comes to your mind at first when someone says Digital Marketing?

“What are your thoughts on Digital Marketing?” Whenever I ask this to anyone in person, more than 75% of the answer that I get is FACEBOOK ads and INSTAGRAM ads.

So, Basically what majority of people think about a Digital Marketer is that he/she is the person who works with giving ads in some social media platforms.

Well actually that is not wrong to say, but that’s not all about it!

Read this till the last line to get a short introduction to Digital Marketing.

Idea generation
stock investments

4 Components of Digital Marketing System

So, what is Digital Marketing?… It is advertising delivered through digital channels. Channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel.

Simple it sounds but deeper the understanding it takes to get about the topic. We’ve known the basic but let’s go a bit deeper. The topic is so indefinite that I will be going very slowly because it takes some time to understand it all.

I’ll try to make this simple. Here are the four components of the Digital Marketing System:

  • Find our audience
  • Attracting our audience
  • Selling our product/service
  • Doing more of what works

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Types/Division of Digital Marketing

If the topic is new to you then you must be first familiar with some of its type. We all know about the Facebook ads because we’ve been seeing them everyday in our news feed. However, there are many types of Digital Marketing. They are:

To learn more on each types click the particulars above


The Purpose

The main goal is not to create a direct sales. You must be thinking then what must be the goal? Well, in Digital Marketing your main goal is to create your brand value, increase your reputation in the market and most important make your presence felt so that people remember you in the future whenever they need your product/service type.

The thing is easy. We do not focus much more on instant sales. We focus on creating our band value and make our presence felt so that people remember us in the future because of our campaigns at present. That impression if you set in the minds of people is the sign of success of your campaign whether it brings you instant revenue or not.


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