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The differences you need to know in Fitness

Whenever anyone takes the first move into the world of fitness to get fit, more than half of them do not know about some differences. Even if they have that dedication and motivation, they lack some knowledge about some differences in fitness. I am referring to these:

  • Difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • Difference between body building and power lifting
  • Difference between just training and diet with training

Difference between weight loss and fat loss

So, this is one of the difference that many of us all around the world should know about. This is because many of us want to loose that fat in our body. But the thing we need to know about is fat loss and weight loss. Loosing fat is to loose that fat in your body and loosing weight means you loose your muscles too. We tend to stop eating or reduce eating massively which leads to lack of proper nutrients in our body and results in weight loss rather than fat loss.

Stored Fat lossMuscle+Fat+Water loss
This is improved fitnessThis is Decreased Fitness
Great strength and Delayed ageingLower Strength and Early Aging
Greater ImmunityLower Immunity

Difference between Body Building and Power Lifting

This is what I’ve seen with maximum number of boys there joining the gym thinking that they will have a nice physique within a month. They start lifting more weights and don’t care about the forms. To those guys you should know the difference between Body building and power lifting. Body building is an art and takes patience and consistency. Power lifter is someone whose goal is to lift heavy and body builder are those whose goal is to maintain their physique with their goals.

Trains to size their bodyTrains to gain pure strength
Max Reps: 15 and aboveMax Reps: 2-6
Focuses in cardio and weightsFocuses only in weights
Results in getting that perfect bodyResults in strength (+size, cuts rare)

Difference between Just Training and Diet with Training

This is one of the silliest mistake that one make while starting their workout. For them who think that their regular diet will work with 2+hours of workout, its a request to read and follow other diet plans according to your goals. There are different diet plans all over the internet (one here). It’s not just to say when someone states that its 70% diet and 30% work or any percent. It’s not just a saying that abs are made in kitchen.

Better results and fast resultsNear to no results
Noticeable changes with positive motivationNo desired changes and negative motivation
Muscle relaxation and recoveryMuscle pain and sore

So guys, these are some basic differences that you must need to know if you work out and want to get fit. Hope this helped you in some way. Please do leave a comment and feedback and also send me topics that you want to know about.

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