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Covid-19 Response system

Corona virus which is a global pandemic has effected the whole world. All the Governments over the world are forced to lockdown their country and advised the citizens to stay home. The time where global economy was crumbling, there was only one common question. “Is there any precaution or measures to control the virus?”

Well, what we’ve all known since lifetime is that every problem has a solution. So, not exactly a cure but Smartpalika – in association with cellapp innovations found out a way to fight against COVID-19 impact. The end of first week and the CEO of the company comes up with this plan of a COVID Response system to fight the disaster. He’s been doing this (Working to fight disasters) since a long time.

About the system

So, with his guidance, the working desire of our team and all the hardwork we developed our own COVID Response system to fight against covid. Also as a part of our CSR we announced the system free for all the 753 Local Governments of Nepal. Diving directly in the system. It has the following fratures:

  • Basic Information (Symptoms, Precautions, Myths VS Reality)
  • Quarantine Management
  • Isolation/Self Isolation Management
  • Assessment/Self Assessment
  • Medical History and Case Reviews
  • Live Tracking
  • Contact Tracing
  • Relief Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Migration support
  • Municipal Connect

The implementation and lesson

This system has been implemented in more than 80 Local Government bodies in Nepal. They are still using the system till date which is of a big help. Also what I’ve learned from this project is that whenever there is any crisis or a disaster, it is our responsibility to fight against it. There will be two kinds of people in these situation:

  1. Who can’t do anything about it
  2. Who can do something about it

As a responsible member of a society, the ones in the 2nd category i.e. who can do something about the situation shall be involved in creating solution rather than staying put during the crisis because it doesn’t effect them much. Also, everyone of us should take the crisis as an opportunity because it is the time where we can create, develop and help the society because its us who make our society and we all are equally part of it. We are for each other. This is also what investing in time means. Entire 2 months+ of lockdown well invested by our team.


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