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4 Components of Digital Marketing

There’re many theories that you’ll find in the internet about Digital Marketing components. Some of them may describe types of DM or some may even describe other components. But what I am about to explain here is the basic components or let’s say the basic steps that you need to follow first to create a successful result to your Digital Marketing campaign. So, without getting out of topic we’ll dive straight ahead.

The basic components of Digital Marketing

I’ve also mentioned this in a page of Digital Marketing. Here are the 4 basic components of Digital Marketing. They are:

  • Find our audience
  • Attracting our audience
  • Selling our product/service
  • Doing more of what works

Finding your audience

The first basic step to start your marketing campaign is to identify your audience. You need to know who are the ones or what are your type of audience that are most likely to buy product or take your service. This makes you easy to continuously send your campaigns straight at them. In DM term let’s say you need a Buyer Persona.

Attracting your audience

After you find your audience the next step you need to focus is to attract them. The objective of Digital Marketing campaign is not to create a direct sales but to make an impression among your targeted segments and brand your product. By attracting your audience you might not get a direct sales at that moment but whenever he/she needs your type of product, you will certainly be remembered.

Selling your product/service

As I’ve mentioned above the first priority is not sales, but selling is one of the priority. Once you’ve made an impression and attracted your audience you can start campaigns and add Call to Action (CTA’s) to increase sales. CTA is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response to create a direct sales. This is when you’ve completed step 1 and 2 not before that.

Doing more of what works

So, you create different kinds of campaigns right? You’ve got your analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Facebook Pixels or any other tools. Analyse all the user behavior and track where the user are engaging more. Find out what exactly is working for you and what is not. Modify things that are not working and do more of what is working for you.

So, these are the BASIC components which you need to focus on before starting your Digital marketing campaigns. Hope the read might have helped you in some manner. Stay tuned and keep checking my blogs for more updates in the future. Great day ahead.

4 Basic components of Digital Marketing

  1. Finding your audience

    Find who are your potential customers who are likely to buy product/service from you.

  2. Attracting your audience

    Create campaigns that attract them. Create an impression in their head for future sales.

  3. Selling your product/service

    After you create your impression among your audience- start campaigns that calls to action and create sales.

  4. Do more of what works

    Try different kinds of campaigns. Keep tracking them and do more of what works and modify what is not working.

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