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Want to Build Now and Relax Forever? Here’s how you can do it!

I will start with some popular myths that we all have heard and probably believed.

Popular Myths that disturbs your mindset

A 9-5 work can never help you reach your dreams. You need to be an entrepreneur or a businessman to be successful or to earn much for relaxing. You need a strong backup to startup or initiate. There are many more, I can go all day with such myths.

Aforementioned are all myths that holds you back and create disturbance to your mindset. A 9-5 work which is of your interest and aligns with your goal is always your first step of building now. You do not need to be an entrepreneur or a businessman to become rich, successful and whatever we can call it. However, having an entrepreneurial mindset is a very good thing to have wherever you work.

The to-dos for Building now and Relaxing Later

Well, wherever we work or whatever we do (Not bad ones though) we need to focus on some minor things and keep track of the points mentioned below:

  • Use your time to make money
  • Use your money to buy assets
  • Use your assets to create passive income and buy time
  • Spend the time however you want then after

Use your time to make money: This is the first step of building. As already mentioned above, you can work 9-5, get involved in business, create your own startup and so on. Just make sure that you use your time to make money and do it in a good manner.

Use your money to buy assets: One of our worst habit is that we like to spend, that too more than we earn. नेपाली होनी! अरुलाई देखाउन भए नि किन्ने हो खर्छ गर्ने हो! So this mindset is a major reason for most of the Nepalese to stay broke most of the time. We want to spend more than we earn, let alone invest.

Just divide the total money earned into segments / ratios and separate a lot to invest now on assets. Assets can be Stocks, Real Estate, Land, making an app for your business, marketing and even clearing off your debts. You can buy assets and make sure this is not just a one time thing. Be consistent on investing for a long term.

Use your assets to create passive income and buy time: So why do you buy assets? Simple, because you can get returns from it and generate passive income. Earn while you sleep, while you play and earn while you relax. I’ve mentioned to stay consistent for a long time to buy asset in order to achieve this. It is never a short term game.

You can earn dividends from stock, get return values from it. Renting out real estates, Land and other properties will be easy money, returns from digital platforms of your business, marketing, these all depends upon how do you invest.

Spend the time however you want then after: Once you reach a certain level on this game or let’s say the process, there is a lot of time to relax while you keep on earning. You can better understand about the certain level here: Compound interest

To sum up, we need to stay focused because the early we start the process the earlier we see our result. One thing never to miss out is to stay consistent for a long term or else we all know what comes under expectations vs reality.

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