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5 Habits that determine you are on the right track

We all are building up for making our lives better. Some may also work for making other’s life better as well. Everyone have their own ambition, own target, vision or whatever we might name it. The essence is we have a certain aim.

But, will we ever reach the milestone? Is it possible that one day the dreams will be fulfilled or the aim will be achieved? Well, that all is determined by our smallest of habits and daily life routine. There are some basic things that we must do in our life to achieve what we aim for. Even the smallest of things matter. So here are 5 basic habits that determine you are on the right track:

1. Learning: The world is growing and development is an eternal process. So whichever field or whatever we aim today is growing and developing. We need to stay updated on it. We need to keep learning in order to stay updated on what is going on, what are the future scopes and possibilities or what can we do to innovate etc. Learning never stops. We need to keep learning for strong mental presence, to keep ourselves updated and to reach certain heights. Learning not just means reading books. It can be anything that can give you knowledge such as videos, podcasts, movies, Kindle etc. Keep learning everyday and stay updated to innovate.

2. Stay Fit / Exercise: When I mention Exercise, its not about body building here. I am referring to forms that keep your brain active and refreshed. Not totally disregarding weight lifts, you can try yoga, meditation, jogging, cardio or any other forms that is suitable according to your type and goal. Just keep your exercise strong and consistent because this will keep your mind active, body refreshed and focusing is easier at times. Other benefits and forms you can get to know here.

3. Routine / Time Management: “Time and Tide waits for none” “Time is the most valuable thing” “Time is money” and so on… we have been saying these since we were kids, haven’t we? Therefore, being punctual at everything you do is a good sign of yours. Setting up routines, following them and managing your time is not an easy work but a very efficient thing to do if you want growth. This point is directly related to the point below.

4. Set up a goal and keep track: Progress comes with tracking and analysis. If you set up a goal and move blindly towards it, you may reach but it’s uncertain. Tracking, analyzing and improving will definitely take you towards it. Time management is related to this point. Setting up daily routines, time management, and tracking them helps you avoid many unnecessary things that interrupt you to reach your milestones. You will be on a track focused towards the line if you do keep track and will also know if you are getting away from the track if you’re tracking well and consistently.

5. Right Circle: Last but not the least, having the right circle around is what I say must. You are who you are with. Your behavior, lifestyle, interests etc. is all upon whom you are spending your time with and how your circle is. You can relate this anytime with your life right now. So, if you are willing to grow, make an impact, reach the goal then make sure you stay around with people that actually influence you to do more. You need to change your circle if there is no one trying to improve or stay motivated and be positive towards life goals. This is because you are who you are with.

So, these are some basic habits that will keep anyone in track towards their goal. There are many other factors which you think is missing here or not stated here. However, I know that there are thousands of such factors out there. But, make sure if you follow these habits consistently with dedication, success is inevitable. All we got to do ever is stay consistent and keep focus. A certain time of dedication is never enough.

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